Live Webinar: Globalscape Customer User Forum 2021

Start Date: Jan 27th 2021
End Date:Jan 27th 2021

Location: Live Webinar (3pm GMT start)

Live Webinar: GoAnywhere MFT in 2020 and Beyond

Start Date: Sep 24th 2020
End Date:Sep 24th 2020

Location: Live Webinar (10am BST start)

Webinar: Automating Your File Transfers

Start Date: May 13th 2020
End Date:May 13th 2020

Location: Live Webinar (2.00pm start)

Webinar: How To Maximise Your EFT Investment

Start Date: May 21st 2020
End Date:May 21st 2020

Location: Live Webinar (2.30pm start)

Webinar: How to Remove Data Security Risk from File Transfers

Start Date: Jun 4th 2020
End Date:Jun 4th 2020

Location: Live Webinar (2.30pm start)

Webinar: How To Maximise Your MOVEit Investment

Start Date: Jun 16th 2020
End Date:Jun 16th 2020

Location: Live Webinar (2.00pm start)

Globalscape Customer User Forum 2020

Start Date: Feb 26th 2020
End Date:Feb 26th 2020

Location: The Gherkin, London EC3A 8BF

Live Webinar: Demystifying DMARC

Start Date: Nov 21st 2019
End Date:Nov 21st 2019

Location: Live Webinar

IT Security Professionals Rooftop Summer Party

Start Date: Jun 27th 2019
End Date:Jun 27th 2019

Location: Madison Rooftop Terrace, St Pauls

Live Webinar: Managed File Transfer with GoAnywhere

Start Date: May 8th 2019
End Date:May 8th 2019

Location: Live Webinar

GoAnywhere User Forum 2019

Start Date: May 23rd 2019
End Date:May 23rd 2019

Location: Bounce, 121 Holborn, London, EC1N 2TD

Using Artificial Intelligence to Detect Threats in Your Network Traffic

Start Date: Mar 7th 2018
End Date:Mar 7th 2018

Location: The Covent Garden Hotel, London

Hunt, Analyse & Destroy:
A Multi-Stage Live Cyber-Attack

Start Date: Jan 23rd 2018
End Date:Jan 23rd 2018

Location: The Soho Hotel London

Data Risk Management in Financial Services Summit – DRMFS 2017

Start Date: May 16th 2017
End Date:May 16th 2017

Location: Millenium Hotel London, Mayfair

WEBINAR: Solving Critical Security Problems with Securonix User & Entity Behaviour Analytics

Start Date: Mar 24th 2017
End Date:Mar 24th 2017

Location: Webinar

IDM – Identity Management

Start Date: Nov 9th 2016
End Date:Nov 9th 2016

Location: Victoria Park Plaza

e-Crime & Information Security – Mid Year

Start Date: Oct 20th 2016
End Date:Oct 20th 2016

Location: Park Plaza, Victoria

Understanding Insider Threats

Start Date: Oct 25th 2016
End Date:Oct 25th 2016

Location: The British Museum

Infosecurity Europe

Start Date: Jun 7th 2016
End Date:Jun 9th 2016

Location: Olympia, London

Data Risk Management in Financial Services Summit

Start Date: May 10th 2016
End Date:May 10th 2016

Location: London Stock Exchange