A Global Bank wanted to raise user awareness of file sensitivity and be able to audit activity on sensitive data.

We deployed a new technology to give our client the capability they required. We also ran a series of internal events to raise user-awareness and collate feedback on the solution.

A Global Bank

A Global Pharmaceutical Company needed data classified so it could be protected using downstream technologies such as DLP and Data Governance.

We introduced a system that injected metadata tags into emails and documents to enable DLP to stop sensitive classified content from leaving the building and raise user awareness with clear visual markers on documents.

Global Pharmaceutical Company

A Global Media Company needed to leverage Data Governance products to discover who was accessing data, where and when.

We deployed a solution that attached metatags to files so administrators could scan network repositories and discover the location of sensitive information, and see how it was being handled.

A Global Media Company

Data Classification ensures the correct handling and monitoring of sensitive information both within and outside of your business, critical when it comes to protecting the data that is most valuable to us.

Visit our Data Classification site for further resources and technical information.

Data Classification

Why Classify data?

  • Increase Efficiency
    By sorting data to make data retrieval easier.
  • Prevent Data Leaks
    By classifying data to apply appropriate handling rules to protect and secure sensitive information.
  • Leverage Existing Technology
    By facilitating automatic application of downstream protective software solutions.
  • Empower End Users
    Raising end user awareness of the value of data.
  • Improve compliance
    With new EU Data Protection Directive using Data Classification.
Data Classification
Our Services

HANDD support their clients, including a significant number of the world’s leading financial institutions, in finding, implementing and getting the best out of the right data classification solutions with:

  • Project Management
  • Compliance (Ensure EU Data Protection Directive, GDPR and other regulatory compliance mandates are met).
  • Environment Discovery – Understanding what it is you are trying to protect, how and where
  • Data Classification Policy Creation
  • Help Build Your Requirements and Manage Product Selection Process
  • System Design, Implementation and Deployment
  • Training, Education, Support and Maintenance
Data Classification
Deployment Example

A Wealth Management Fund needed customer x-headers inserted into email properties so that their existing secure email solution could automatically intercept the message and deliver the content securely.

We implemented a Data Classification solution that enabled each confidential email to be stamped with a custom tag, to be scanned by a secure email system so that messages were encrypted before delivery to third parties when necessary.

Data Classification
Our Vendors

Our Data Classification vendors include:

Our Partners

We work with leading vendors to supply powerful and reliable data security solutions.

What Our Customers Say

“It has been awesome working with HANDD staff during the trial and implementation period. They show such professionalism and dedication. We love the product very much. I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Chee Wai Tan for his enthusiasm and commitment toward Lufthansa Systems APAC.”

Iskandar Omar

Lufthansa Systems Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

“Our work with HANDD Business Solutions for support with GlobalSCAPE [EFTP & Mail Express] has been beyond our expectations in terms of customer service, they are always quick to respond and never fail to resolve an issue. Over the years they have provided us support with application upgrades, server migrations & supplying accurate information relating to projects. HANDD are without exception very professional and it has been a pleasure working with the company.”

Martin Petty


“GlobalSCAPE support was always an issue to us due to us being in a different time zone. Since working with HANDD, this is no longer an issue. HANDD are very prompt and professional when dealing with clients. Engineers like Chee Wai Tan always provide professional feedback, follow up, provide guidance as well as technical knowhow when we need this. We are a happy client and looking forward to working with HANDD further.”

Danny Poon