A global insurance organisation ran a GDPR driven Data Discovery and Governance project.  They wanted to gain visibility of their unstructured and stale data. One particular reason for this was to help them reduce the costs of unnecessary storage space, to then archive or delete the data correctly. The Data Discovery product deployed helped with the later challenge as well as remediating risks from group level access ensuring that only the employees needing to access certain data would have access to that group/data.

Global Insurance Organisation

A well-known investment group had an existing DDoS infrastructure that did not detect a low and slow DDoS attack.

An Attack Mitigation System was deployed to detect and respond to previously unseen malicious traffic with its unique real time forensics feature. The web services were back up and running within hours and erroneous traffic was blocked.

A Well-known Investment Group

Since the inception of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation encryption has been at the forefront of every organisations security strategy.

The new EU rules encourage privacy-friendly techniques such as encryption and data protection by design and by default and HANDD advises many organisations to deploy strong encryption tools in order to ensure compliance with EU GDPR.


Combining traditional anti-malware technology with sophisticated dynamic anomaly detection and behaviour modelling, iSHERIFF Endpoint Security protects your end devices from unwelcome software that could seriously disrupt your local and networked systems.

With the rapid expansion of personal devices being used within the workplace to view and edit company data, the opportunity for malware to slip, unnoticed into your network where it can take hold of your data and systems is greater than ever. iSHERIFF’s impressive multi-faceted approach to identifying and blocking malware keeps your files safe. And wins iSHERIFF Endpoint Security a place on the much revered Handd data protection product portfolio.

iSHERIFF Endpoint Security’s easy to use, centrally controllable package, CloudConsole, makes it a game-changer in the world of endpoint security and a must for our specialist product portfolio. Set policies to control which users access which applications on your network, restricting the potential for data loss. As iSHERIFF is completely cloud-based, software is always up to date and ready to shield you from the latest malware threats.

iSheriff – End-Point Security
Product Benefits
  • See threats from removable devices in real time for added protection
  • Cloud-based for the ultimate in up-to-date protection
  • Easily implemented using group policies
  • Manage updates centrally for convenience through the Distribution Centre
  • Be the master of your own network and keep control of applications used on your network
  • Have confidence in your security with automatic scans of all your removable devices
  • Save money by avoiding the need to purchase costly hardware and by purchasing software by monthly subscription
iSheriff – End-Point Security
Works With

Windows, Mac and Linux

Directory Services

  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Novell e-Directory
  • Apple Open Directory
  • Lotus Domino Directory
  • Oracle Internet Directory
  • Open LDAP
  • Sun Java System Directory Server
  • Generic LDAP Directories
iSheriff – End-Point Security
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What Our Customers Say

“It has been awesome working with HANDD staff during the trial and implementation period. They show such professionalism and dedication. We love the product very much. I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Chee Wai Tan for his enthusiasm and commitment toward Lufthansa Systems APAC.”

Iskandar Omar

Lufthansa Systems Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

“Our work with HANDD Business Solutions for support with GlobalSCAPE [EFTP & Mail Express] has been beyond our expectations in terms of customer service, they are always quick to respond and never fail to resolve an issue. Over the years they have provided us support with application upgrades, server migrations & supplying accurate information relating to projects. HANDD are without exception very professional and it has been a pleasure working with the company.”

Martin Petty


“GlobalSCAPE support was always an issue to us due to us being in a different time zone. Since working with HANDD, this is no longer an issue. HANDD are very prompt and professional when dealing with clients. Engineers like Chee Wai Tan always provide professional feedback, follow up, provide guidance as well as technical knowhow when we need this. We are a happy client and looking forward to working with HANDD further.”

Danny Poon